Leicester Business Festival 2016

We were so excited to be given the opportunity to present our story at the Leicester Business Festival 2016. Our co-founder Zakera Kali gave a brilliant presentation on how far we have come as a company. 

From the beginning of her and our co-founders Inzar’s experience in the world of business and design. Through the genesis of Answers to Business and it’s transformation to Insight Consultancy.  

Zakera discussed our values which are the basis of the service that we offer. It featured being agile, operating in an ethical manner and striving to be innovative and keep up with the latest methodology and tools. Also looking into what we have achieved since Insight Consultancy began. Not just a business consultancy, but a new way of helping companies grow, through design and innovation. Using creative thinking to approach your business strategy from a new angle. 

Utilising our multidisciplinary team to take a holistic approach to your marketing. From website design and social media management, to management training and brand management.

This was also an opportunity to introduce our latest business venture Chat Ninjas. A spin off company from Insight, that is utilising emerging real time chat software in the online customer service trade.

As well as our own journey, Zakera was able to thank the Innovation Centre and De Montfort University for their part in helping to make Insight Consultancy a success. With the use of their work space and an office for our headquarters. As well as allowing us to build a close knit community with our neighbours and other businesses within the centre. 

We look forward to seeing Zakera at future events within Leicester’s business community, as Insight continues to grow. We hope that we are able to help businesses and start ups around us achieve their full potential. With Insight consultancy you can be certain, success is Insight.

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