Insight co-founder Zakera Kali featured in Leicester Mercury

Design companies are in the unique position of being entrusted with bringing someone else’s ideas to life, essentially they have to read a client’s mind, to take an abstract concept and turn it into something concrete.


Having an article dedicated to the inner workings and interactions between client and designer can be an invaluable read. So in a recent article in Leicester Mercury’s More magazine, Journalist Gemma Peplow delves into the ethos of Insight Consultancy by employing the design skills, thoughts, strategies and directions of our co-founder Zakera Kali.


Gemma recently asked Zakera to create a brand for herself, a new challenge for the Insight team who usually tackle branding for companies or groups, but a challenge that was tackled head on. She was given a glimpse of how we go about assessing client’s needs, come up with ideas and ultimately create a brand.


Throughout the interview you get a sense of Gemma’s personality, bubbly and vivacious, and the skills that Zakera utilizes transforming words to a visual medium.


In the process Gemma has an insightful look at what it takes to begin creating a brand, from just choosing her favourite colour to being asked for pictures of her favourite items and things that inspire her.


The article explores how someone who is inventive, but not in a visual sense, is led through the challenges of creating a visual world. It adds a new dimension to understanding what it takes to create a brand, and the care and deliberation which we employ to create designs and craft personalised, exceptional websites.


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