Our own Natalie Cheary interviewed by the Leicester Mercury.

Did you know that our own Natalie Cheary, former publicity manager for some of the biggest shows on TV and in film and current marketing consultant and writer, has been interviewed in the Leicester Mercury?


In this candid interview she looks back at her career from the bright lights of London and a jet set lifestyle to the future and why she’s happy to be settled in the new thriving creative atmosphere of Leicester.


Peppered throughout the conversation are insights into how she started her career with ‘The Hinckley Times’ and was eventually catapulting into the world of celebrity by working with the PR Guru Matthew Freud whose clients included some of the world’s biggest brands and entertainment stars. Reminiscing about stealing toilet paper from Madonna’s house and dancing the night away with John Major, she’s not short of interesting anecdotes.


Most of all she reflects on what she has learned navigating the delicate world of publicity, marketing and how she came to the decision to settle down back in Leicester. She also muses on why coming back to Leicester is still an exciting and great opportunity.


“it’s a damn sight more interesting than working with yet another celebrity.”


Amongst her many accolades (being name checked by James Nesbit when he was picking up his Bafta no less) Natalie is also our very own marketing consultant, she has been working with us as part of our Business Growth Service. Which helped businesses grow their teams, find new clients, diversify and grow nationwide.


If you want to utilize the skills base of our renowned consultants just call us on 0116 207 8946 or to stay up to date with Insight labs by signing up to our newsletter Now.

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