The demands of today’s manager to provide inspirational leadership, manage change and continually improve business performance have never been higher!

Our portfolio of Leadership and Management Courses are designed with the modern manager in mind. Underpinned with research and practice from the advancing areas of leadership, micro-communications and emotional intelligence, each of our courses will develop the skills and behaviours necessary to drive personal and professional development and support business growth:

Our courses have been recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) for their high quality, bespoke provision and relevance to demands of modern business.

Our 2-Day Courses:

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DATE : 15th October & 19th November 2015

Combining The Power of Vision and Goal Setting & Inspiring Success, the Power of Influence to offer an insightful 2-day course demonstrating how micro-communications can help you to gain a competitive advantage, making you and your business stand out from the rest!

*Includes 12 month ILM membership, access to online resources and ILM certificate of endorsement  



DATE : 17th March & 21st April 2016

Combining Powerful Presentation Skills & Mastering Formal Presentations to offer an insightful 2-day course highlighting why it’s you that provides the key to your business success! Learn how to positively influence your customers, get the best from your staff and transform your individual and team performance at micro-level for macro-impact.

*Includes 12 month ILM membership, access to online resources and ILM certificate of endorsement


Our 1-Day Leadership Courses


DATE : 15th October 2015

Your vision of where or what you want to be is your greatest asset in the pursuit of business success, after all, without a goal it’s difficult to score!



DATE : 19th November 2015

Respected and effective leaders have a clear vision, the qualities to inspire their people and the behaviours to engage them in pursuit of that vision!

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DATE : 17th December 2015

Emotional intelligence accounts for more than 80% of superior performance in top leaders. Leadership is strategic but great leadership is much more primal; it works through the emotions!


Our 1-Day Business & Management Skills Courses


DATE : 21st January 2016

Effective Time Management Techniques can increase productivity, reduce stress, improve results and create a better work-life balance. The bad news is, time flies…. The good news is, you’re the pilot!

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DATE : 18th February 2016

Customer satisfaction is worthless…customer loyalty is priceless! Understand the commercial value of customer service and why it’s not just the first impressions that count!




DATE : 17th March 2016

Train your butterflies to fly in formation… learn how to speak and present with confidence, enhance your delivery and engage your audience to create the impact you desire. Develop your toolkit today!

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DATE : 21st April 2016

Become the Master of formal presentations by applying structured techniques to ensure you plan, prepare and deliver polished presentations with impact!



We can design and deliver bespoke training courses tailored to meet your business need, management level or sector requirements. If you are interested in booking bespoke or ‘in-house’ training, please contact to discuss your requirements

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